How do I rent space in the facility?

Contact us at 308-754-4661 to verify that the facility is available. If it is available, you can reserve the portion of the facility that you will need (banquet hall, gymnasium, etc.). Please let us know if you will need additional items like tablecloths, projector, microphones, etc. Your date will be reserved upon receipt of a signed rental agreement and the rental fee for your event. A deposit will be required on the day you receive the keys or when you start setting up for your event, whichever occurs first.

When can I pick up a key to get in the building?

A key fob can be issued to you a few days before your event. All contracts must be signed, and the deposit and all rental fees must be paid prior to receiving a key fob. The key fob will only be active for the hours that you have paid to rent the facility.

Can we get in the evening before the event to set up?

Yes – if the facility is not being used. There may be an additional fee associated with having access to the facility prior to your scheduled reservation. Call 308-754-4661 for details.

What if we have to cancel the event?

Call 308-754-4661 as soon as you are aware of the need to cancel your event. Your deposit will be forfeited, and a cancellation fee may be assessed.

Can you recommend a caterer for our event?

We can provide you with a list of area caterers that we are aware of. We cannot, however, endorse any of the caterers.

Is there a secure area to store items (wedding gifts, auction items, other valuables) during and/or after our event until we are ready to leave?

Yes. If you are renting the banquet hall, you will have access to the adjacent conference room where you can safely store your valuables in a locked room.


How can I use the gym?

Memberships are available for using the gym. An individual membership is $10/month or $100/year. A household membership is $20/month or $200/year. With a paid membership, you will receive a key fob that allows you access to the gym from 5 a.m. to midnight. Please note that anyone under 13 years of age must have adult supervision. Please stop by the Civic Center to fill out the paperwork to obtain a membership. Attached is a gym membership application form.

Can I use the gym any time I want?

If you have a gym membership, your key fob will provide you with access to the gym every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. –  unless the gym is rented for a special event. Notices of private events will be placed on the bulletin board in the entry way to the gym.

Can I bring a friend with me to the gym?

Yes, we ask that all guests put $1 in the blue drop box once inside the gym.

Do I have to bring a separate pair of shoes to use the gym floor?

Yes. Street shoes are not allowed on the gym floor. In order to protect the gym floor, this is necessary. We appreciate your cooperation with this rule.

What gym equipment is available for my use?

We have basketballs, volleyballs, dodgeballs, pickleballs and pickleball paddles, and badminton rackets available for gym members to use. We have various basketball courts available for your use. Arrangements can be made to set up volleyball nets or a badminton net. We also have pickleball nets that can be rolled onto the gym floor. We ask that any equipment that you set up and use, must be returned to its rightful storage location before you leave the gym.

Most gym equipment and balls are located in the concession area. Your key fob will provide you access to the concession area. All equipment must be returned to the concession area before leaving the building.

Please feel free to bring your own balls for other activities. In the future, as funding allows, more equipment will be available. Donations of gym equipment are accepted with the prior approval of the St Paul Development Corporation. Please contact us at 308-754-4661 if you have items to donate.

Can we bring in outside food when using the gym?

Yes, unless it is a scheduled tournament or event when the concession stand is available. Please note that you are responsible for cleaning up any trash, spills, etc.

Can I rent the gym for a private event?

Yes. The gym can be rented at a rate of $25 per hour. It can be used for tournaments, fitness classes, practice sessions, private lessons, birthday parties, etc. The gym may be closed to members during the time that it is being rented for a private event. Please contact us at 308-754-4661 for more information.


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